Saturday, February 1, 2014


Parts of this blog post are taken directly from something that I originally posted on the camping boards over on Reddit.  Often times a contributor offers up a great tip on the boards and is met with negative remarks or down votes; not because its bad advice, but simply because it doesn't fall exactly into what someone else deems their ideal version of "camping". 

Why do people take the term " Car Camping" so literally?

When someone hears the term "car camping", they might envision a couple of 20-something adventurists throwing some stuff in a vehicle and hitting the road for a spur of the moment road trip.  My close-to-50 year old version of that...throwing my sleeping bag into the back of my jeep, backing it up to a campfire at my $20 campsite and falling asleep; then stopping at McDonald's for breakfast (then stopping back for a $1 menu lunch & dinner) whilst enjoying the RI beaches. Some people might diagnose people like this with " Not spending $100 on a hotel room just to sleep" syndrome.  Well, I guess I got the sickness...and it's contagious! So, if you often find yourself extreme minimalist car camping, please know you aren't alone. There are thousands of other people out there willingly deemed "insane".  To newbies, I invite you to voluntarily commit yourself to the funny farm....its a sometimes-safe haven where the greatest memories are created. 
For the record...Hotel management does not appreciate guests burning the phone book in the bathtub to roast weenies and marshmallows. Go figure.

Now, lets focus on what the general camping community might define as "car camping".

"Car camping" I believe, (and wiki agrees) that Caravanning, RV camping, tenting, truck camping, motorcycle camping ... it goes by many names, and the experience varies widely, normally involves the use of motor vehicles to get to a campsite.

Unlike "walk in", "backpacking" or "minimalist" camping (well respected breeds onto themselves) who accept/love the challenge of journeying into the wilderness carrying supplies and equipment while testing their own abilities, survival skills and techniques. Car camping allows you to bring more equipment, more food...and plenty of stuff you'll probably never need/use. The focus is on enjoying the campsite/campground experience while partaking in things like group cook-outs, short day hikes, and other outdoor activities. Cyclists and kayakers fall into a gray area depending if they travel with a tow-able.  
Car camping might be a solo hobby or a group hobby. Realistically, its quite difficult to be a "minimalist" when camping in large groups (especially with kids). So, when people share a packing list that appears to include everything plus a kitchen sink, the term "glamper/glamping" gets thrown in their direction. Far from it!

Glamorous camping, aka "glamping" is more geared towards simultaneously satisfying your craving for the outdoors, your penchant for a good meal, a nice glass of wine, and a comfortable bed.... WAIT! That's me! ...except I do it in $50 tent, drink whatever is on sale, think "good" means not burnt, and an air mattress vs. hard ground is comfy. And jsyk...yes, I have some gadgets, tech devices, and often use real dinnerware... But, I've never been called a glamper. Except by a backpacker ;-)   And that's fine, because as a tenter, Rvers are my glampers. 

Anyways, I think we all know a true extreme glamper when we see one. And you know what? There is nothing wrong with it! I've seen lots and lots of people, spend lots and lots of money on hobbies that they didn't seem to get half the enjoyment from. So, you'll just have to deal with the fact that you got a plastic flashlight with low batteries... and they got a solar powered chandelier in their tent. Don't be a hater....they are still camping!

So whether your "car camping" trip leads to down a remote dirt road to the edge of a stream...or a paved parking lot where you unroll your awning and unpack your camp chair... or a half grassy/half shaded 70 ft. site with a fire pit, picnic table, water and electrical hook-ups, with a lake, beach, or swimming pool, and playground nearby.... ENJOY IT! ...and NEVER feel or make someone else feel that yours/their ideal version of being part of the great outdoors, is any more/less meaningful!
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Friday, January 3, 2014

C'mon c'mon c'mon DO THE LOGO-MOTION WITH ME...

Believe it or not, It took me a very long time to come up with the  logo. If you aren't from New England, and/or didn't already know that Burlingame was a camping destination near the beaches of Rhode Island....chances are, you probably wouldn't give my efforts a second glance. So, it was pretty important that my logo portrayed our underlying identity. For about a year I sketched, scribbled, and copy/pasted. I spent days on end experimenting with fonts, colors, shapes and graphics. In the end...right after my hair grew back...I reverted to the most simplest of logos. 
When it all finally fell into place, it was like an "Oprah Ahh-Haa Moment".  I can't believe I wasted so much time and effort when the answer was passing me by on every road trip I took. What would be more obvious for a social network logo, then one that closely resembled what most people already recognized as the universal symbol for campground?  And so I ran with it. Okay...skipped.  Happily skipped.  Right after I jumped for joy. Okay... I simply patted myself on the back (high-fiving myself just seemed a bit awkward).

I wanted my social pages to expand beyond the camping population, to include all outdoor enthusiasts, so I needed to expand the logo as well. I stuck with the simplicity and immediately settled on a "ROY G BIV" scheme.  ROY G BIV you ask?  Didn't you pay attention in art class? Its the color of the rainbow...Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet.  If its good enough for the Olympic Rings, it's good enough for me! (visit our roy g biv gallery here)   Actually....I fell in love with these crisp, vibrant and bold colors as a kid, and never outgrew them. (Kinda like my love for camping)

Now, I'm not some international brand like Nike or Kellogg's or Pepsi, so I have the ability to change it up a bit as I see fit.  However, I found the key is to stick with easily recognizable icons within my social pages and advertising.


Sometimes I do quirky things with the Bound4Burlingame logo in recognition of a holiday or event......

And sometimes I do a little logo tweeking (not twerking LOL) on my Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter posts, so it grabs the attention of the fan/follower and alerts them to a great gift idea, a neat DIY idea, or a product that B4B loves!

I'm still in the growing stages. Still open to suggestions (hint me your take on our red tent logo). I'm still having bouts of brainstorming (often accompanied by a glass of Pinot Noir).  I often wonder if I'll ever turn my passion into some type of profitable endeavor. Right now I'm content to continue to grow slowly, I really have no choice. I learn as I go. Trial and error.  Disappointment and triumph.  I'll get there.

So look for on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and Blogger.  Entertain yourself (and share) our social network pages...which are a far more organized then our under-construction website. There's no membership fees to belong to our little community of campers and outdoor enthusiasts. I just ask that you click the buttons and "Like", "Follow", or take a second to comment.  Someday, I'll need to show potential advertisers that I'm more than a concept.